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Supporting JZX and is200/300 Drifting

Why buy Our brand vs. similar products? We are a small start up company that provides quality parts. Our specification guarantees our customers intended results. We have tested over and over again to formulate the best version out there on the market. Our products are made here in the USA. Last by not least, we provide the most angle for this style kit. What more can you ask for! Please share and help our company expand. The more we sell, the more innovation we can develop. 

We are the only company that corrects bumpsteer on an RCA style knuckle.


Drift Stuff


V2 VS V3

Here is a summary of the differences between the v2 and v3 knuckle.

V2: This is a one stop shop knuckle that will give you everything you need to have the ideal drift set up without having to change multiple control arms. This allows you to obtain a significant amount of angle without modifying anything else. Increasing the amount of angle on your car will require an increase in negative camber to allow your front wheels to be parallel with the road at full lock. The v2 offsets the spindle by 32mm (V3 does not do this) giving more track width as well as additional negative camber. 


Built in RCA

CNC machined forged T6061 aluminum

Bump steer correction

Over 65 degrees of drift angle fun

Ackerman angle has been changed from 0 to +10 to replicate an OEM feel.

2 Main difference

1) ***Spindle is offset by 32mm

2) ***+12mm caster to bring the tire closer to the front bumper (Avoid hitting the wheel well)

V3: This knuckle is our traditional style knuckle. You can use this knuckle as is with out modifying other components and achieve the same amount of angle as the v2. The difference would be that the v3 would not offset the spindle by 32mm meaning you will not gain track width or negative camber. If you are using adjustable upper camber arms then you can correct your camber setting to allow your front wheels do be parallel at full lock( camber -4 up front). The v3 knuckle is great for people that would like to take their angle game to the next level. The v3 was designed to be paired with 40mm extended lcas to gain more track width as well as more negative camber. Pairing both products will allow you to maximize the amount of angle your chassis is capable of.

A few other components will need to be changed out in order to run the v3 and 40mm extended LCAS:

1) Adjustable caster arms ( move the wheel forward by 1in)

2) Offset rack spacers (part shop max sells them for the jzx and is300 chassis. They will work for the GS and LS400)

3) Stock inner and outer tie rods


Built in RCA

CNC machined forged T6061 aluminum

Bump steer correction

Over 65 degrees of drift angle fun

Ackerman angle has been changed from 0 to +10 to replicate an OEM feel.

SUMMARY: V2 offsets the spindle and moves the caster forward while the V3 does not. The v3 can be used as is without changing anything else. The v3 pairs with other modifications to gain more competitive angle (maxed out angle).

V2: a lot of angle

V3 with mods: holy shit angle



Introducing our newest product to the market. This is our version 2 drift knuckle kit that offers dam near 70 degrees of steering angle. This kit has a built in RCA. It also corrects bump steer.

Kit may include:

2 V2 knuckles

12.9 grade hardware kit

2 gs300 tierods

2 inner tie rods (03 is300)

Pre cut ball joint

New strong hardware to replace your old and weak OEM bolts!

Applicable chassis:

is300/ altezza/ sxe10



Jzs 147/ 161 

(GS300 1st & 2nd gen)

Ls 400 (1st & 2nd gen) 

No additional arms needed. Why buy more when you can buy less. Our kits were designed to provide the best result without having to modify multiple arms.

Lets keep it simple!


The Real Deal

 Full Lock activated! Look no further

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