Replacment V3.5 Knuckles

Replacment V3.5 Knuckles

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Package includes : Knuckles / Spindle hardware 12.9 grade


IMPORTANT: if you are using these with extended LCAs please contact us to figure out what tie rod combination will work for you.


*GS and LS chassis will have a price difference due to smaller production order.


*GS300 chassis: will need LS400 tie rod ends (Part#ES80291/ES80290) and will require inner tie rods (Part# EV179) 


*LS400 chassis will need LS400 tie rod ends (Part#ES80291/ES80290) and will require inner tie rods ( Part# EV800442)


*IS300 chassis will need LS400 tie rod ends (Part#ES80291/ES80290) and will require inner tie rods (Part# EV198)


*IS300: you can also use these combos for tie rods

1) EV198 inners with ES80291/ES80290 

2) EV190 inners with ES800309/ES800310 (is300 outers)


*JZX chassis: EV257 inner tie rods with ES800309/ES800310 (is300 outers)


NOTE: PRE CUT BALL JOINTS are not included. You will have to cut your existing ball joints to fit.


Additional shipping charges apply to international order.



4130 Chromoly guide pin inserts 

Built in RCA

CNC machined forged T6061 aluminum

Bump steer correction

Over 65 degrees of drift angle fun

Ackerman angle has been changed from 0 to +10 to replicate an OEM feel.

Easy/ Affordable/ Fun


EZ Knuckles


is300/200 altezza

JZX 90/100/ 110

JZS 151/ 171

JZS 147/161

LS400 UCF10/11/20


LS and GS will have a price difference due to lower production order.


Requirements to run my kit:

-adjustable coilovers

- Low off set wheels EX: +22 to zero offset wheels. 

JZX chassis will need to use is300 outer tie rods!

-If using 18in wheels stick with a 35 series tire up front!

-If using 17in wheels stick with a 40 series tire up front!


Recommendations For is300/is200 chassis


-front 17x8+12


My current camber setting on my car:

-Front camber with my knuckles, without additional arms: -5

-Rear camber with toe and camber arms: 0



OFF ROAD USE ONLY! We are not responsible for any mishaps that may occur while using this product.


View our installation video and torque to spec.

Video link:


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